A play by Sarah Westgarth

Friday 20 and Saturday 21 December 2019

Tower Arts Centre, Pasadena

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Wilde and Darling Productions is a new, Adelaide-based production company that is dedicated to telling engaging, personal and contemporary stories for children and young people. 

We stage original, contemporary plays that tackle youth issues, and offer performing arts classes to kids.

Current show


Our premiere production is the original play, 'Delayed', written for the ensemble of young actors. 


Set a few days before Christmas, a group of young strangers find themselves stuck in a small town bus station when their ride out is unexpectedly delayed. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, the group begin to share with each other where they've come from and where they're heading, and all the places they've got lost along the way.

Sarah Westgarth


BEd/BA (Drama)

A performing arts educator for over ten years, Sarah is the director of Wilde and Darling Productions. She has taught Drama (as well as English and Psychology) in a number of schools across South Australia and Western Australia. She was a student at Theatre Bugs as a child, and went onto become a teacher of their Combo Bugs classes and holiday programs. 

Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her direction of Wilde and Darling, as well as a passion for making theatre accessible, engaging and relevant for kids and young people.

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