premiere production


Written and directed by Sarah Westgarth, this original, contemporary play was developed specifically for the young ensemble of actors involved. All aged between 17 and 19, the cast of ten is a small community who are passionate about performing, and telling authentic, emotional stories.

It's four days before Christmas, and a group of strangers, all on the cusp of adulthood, are waiting in the local bus station, desperate to get out of this small town. After they receive word of an unexpected delay to their departure, they begin to open up to each other about where they have come from and where they are going.

Sam and Laura moved away long ago, and after a week visiting with family, are in no hurry to stay any longer. Lewis is on his way to see his dad, who he feels he constantly disappoints. Toby is ready to start university. Emily is travelling with no real plan. And Marty? Well, he won't say exactly what he's doing.

Funny, raw and forged on human connection, 'Delayed' is a reflection on what it means to make choices, and live with them.

Poster design by Sylvia Morris.

Note: The play contains course language and adult themes and is not suitable for children. Also contains discussion of domestic abuse.

Tower Arts Centre, Goodwood Road, Pasadena

Friday 20 December. 7:30pm

Saturday 21 December, 7:30pm.

Tickets available now.


Delayed - Trailer